Deep in the secret underground labs that snake their way beneath the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, is where the genius of Dripset was born. Driven by the desire to create flavors that push the boundaries of possibility, Dripset returns from a brief hiatus to reintroduce the top-performing brands and eclectic flavors that made them sought after fan favorites. 

During their short break from an industry that was fast becoming filled with derivative flavors, Dripset was able to retreat into the recesses of their underground labs and focus on the thing that they loved the most – experimenting with flavors. It was this retreat of master mixologists and flavor curators that allowed Dripset to find the spark that ignited the blaze of fresh and exciting ideas. 

The constant and consistent experimentation with flavors that subtly complement each other has given Dripset insight into the flavor blends that resonate with people. To craft out-of-this-world flavors that truly transport people to different places requires a deft touch and patience that can only be achieved by isolating and honing in on your craft. 

This is exactly what the master mixologists of Dripset did, and the results of their dedication our outstanding. It is this very insight that powers the Dripset brand of DNA. With elements that are born from continuous trials and dissection of core flavors, each taste blend is bound to offer you something exciting.

The re-introduction of flavors like DNA Pompaya – a blend of rich papaya nestled in the finest notes of pomegranate and deftly mixed to bring your tastebuds the tones of the most refreshing drip – and Strawberry Strand, show that although Dripset might have taken a break, they haven’t lost a step.

Emboldened by the outstanding success that their master mixologists have had with crafting the flavors of DNA, Dripset is gearing up to launch more exciting brands and introduce you to the rest of the exciting Dripset family. Brace yourselves for an otherworldly experience as you delve into the flavors of Dripset. The genius team behind Dripset puts in the work so that every inhale you take is an overly enjoyable experience.

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